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Parce qu'en matière d'énergie vous devez faire des choix durables

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Protection de la vie privée

Nous respectons votre vie privée ! Sauf exception dûment documentée, les informations collectées sur ce site ne sont ni revendues, louées ou partagées. Nous prenons le plus grand soins des informations que vous nous confiez.

Informations sur les utilisateurs

Pour mieux faire fonctionner ce site nous vous demandons de nous confier votre adresse de courrier électronique ou d'autres informations personnelles. Nous ne divulguons pas ces informations sous quelque forme que ce soit. En résumé, vous pouvez nous faire confiance.

Courriers électroniques

In some cases we will use your email address internally, both for identification purposes and to email you updates related to your pages. Your explicit approval is required to mail you our periodic newsletter. At any time you can easily configure your account to enable or to disable such mailings. We may, in certain cases, send you email updates you haven't specifically requested to receive; if and when we do this, we won't do it without a good reason (and this certainly won't serve as our excuse to spam you.)

Traces web

Nous analysons occasionnellement les archives de consultation pour améliorer la valeur du contenu disponible sur notre site. Ces analyses sont toujours statistiques et non-nominatives,et nous ne tentons pas de les corréler aux individus qui ont navigué sur le site.


Although some Internet users think cookies are a serious privacy issue, as web designers we think that they come in darned handy. This site uses cookies for basic account identification purposes, but that's as far as we go. We won't use any information from cookies to track your browsing sessions, attempt to extract personal information from them that we wouldn't otherwise have access to, or do any other naughty things with your cookies. If you don't agree with our use of cookies, you can configure most web browsers not to accept them. Even without a cookie, a significant part of this server will still be accessible to you (although you will lose the ability to do anything that requires you to be logged into the server).

Mots de passe

This server requires you to define and enter passwords to access certain areas of the site. In case this conjures up images of crackers breaking into our databases and getting your passwords, you don't have to worry about it. Passwords are stored in an encrypted format, so that we can't even look at them. This encryption is breakable, but it takes a lot of effort and computing time (days or weeks to crack a single password) so for all intents and purposes, your passwords are safe here. The downside to this, of course, is that if you lose or forget your password we can't get it back for you. We've provided a method to reset your password if this happens, but as with any other password, it's best not to forget in the first place.

Informations partagées

Posted material is, of course, not private; several persons can look at them. But this is as good a time as any to point out that we own and retain control of whatever records you enter into the system. This means that we reserve the right to view and modify your articles, files, links, comments, etc. and we exercise this right. Most of the time we do this to fix trivial things; for example, if you post a page into an incorrect section, made a really obvious typo, or put in something really inappropriate, then we might modify it. But in any case, you should be aware that this could happen. FYI, we get to decide what's inappropriate, but you should all know your netiquette by now, right?

Si vous avez des questions ou des commentaires sur nos règles de protection de la vie privée, ou bien si vous souhaitez des complèments d'information, merci de nous contacter.